If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you."
- Jesus (Matthew 17:19-20)

Possibly the finest book on faith ever written...




Dr. Robert A. Russell

This is a companion volume to "God Works Through You" by the same author. In it he has centered the discussion on the all-important subject of faith: what it is, how it works, what it does, and how to strengthen it.



Faith is a mental attitude against which there is no possibility of contradiction. If that atti­tude is directed toward God, it becomes your ability to do anything. When you pray or treat, you have a right to expect an answer to that prayer or treatment, providing your conviction is in line with the nature of God.

Your mind, however, must be so convinced of its idea, it must so completely accept it, that contradiction or denial is impossible. When you have absolute faith, there is nothing left in you to contradict your treatment.

Faith is the bridge between the physical and spiritual world. You have the privilege of cross­ing on it at will.

Faith not only makes old things new, but it is the point of contact between God and man. It is the means by which we identify ourselves with the Allness of God. Through our faith, God fulfills His promises. Through our faith, His Good becomes visible and usable. 

Desire is impressed upon the subconscious mind through feeling. Faith holds the idea of desire in Sub­stance until it takes form.

Faith is the most dynamic and transforming force in man. To become mighty in the indi­vidual, it needs only a chance to exercise itself.

The book is divided into three sections:

What Faith Is

How Faith Works

What Faith Does

Book excerpts:


This is the second in a series of books in which each title begins with the words, "God Works." I do not apologize for the repetition in the title or in the content. The human mind tends to learn great truths, scientific principles, and mathematical facts slowly, or so my own experience leads me to believe.

Can you remember your struggle with addi­tion combinations? How many repetitions did it take for you to master the multiplica­tion tables? Parents are often impatient with the persistent ques­tions of children about the facts of life which have been conscien­tiously presented to them, and sometimes attribute these to a mor­bid curiosity. It isn't that. It is merely an in­dication that the child has not been able to accept the explanation given him and to make it his own in one experience.

No day goes by that doesn't teach me more about the way in which God works and more about what the power of faith can accomplish. I learn from my own experience, from observ­ing the lives of others, and from reading the words of persons who have deep convictions.

In this book, I have centered my discussion on faith.

Robert A. Russell

(Excerpts from section 1)

Did you ever contemplate the things that happen through faith—not the things that could happen, or the things that might happen, but the things that do happen, the things that are happening now?

Where Did Faith Come From?—You were born with the characte­ristic of Faith, for it is inherent in man. Protected from the mo­ment of your conception, you emerged into the world with the expecta­tion of continued secu­rity. You accepted the loving care of your par­ents—food, shelter, guidance—without question. You not only accepted but demanded in a loud imperious voice the things that gave you emo­tional and physical comfort.

You took your first steps in confidence in the loving hand that held you, and you were not too discouraged by a few bumps and tum­bles. You smiled and expected a smile in re­turn.

Today you walk to your work or drive or take a bus, expecting to arrive at your desti­nation all in one piece. You accept a job, ex-pressing faith in your potential. You marry with faith in the one you have chosen and faith in your power to provide for your family.

In other words, you have faith in yourself, and that is actually faith in the God within you.

You eat food prepared by countless hands that you never see and wear clothing made by persons you will never know. You trust the taxi driver to take you to your destination, the barber to shave your face, and the cook to pre­pare your meals. How do you know that the taxi driver won't take you to some out-of-the-way place and hold you up? Or that the barber will not cut your throat? Or that the cook will not poison your food? Because of your faith in your fellow-man and that too is faith in the one God, who according to St. Paul, is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Three Gifts Are Yours.—When man walked out from God's finish­ed thought, he bore three gifts:

Life—(energy, animation) by which to live.

Mind—(the power to reason, select, understand, and know) by which to become aware of God, of him­self and his environment.

Faith—(trust, confidence, assurance) by which to penetrate the in­visible and to hold God's promises until they are realized in him and for him....

Faith not only leads man into a definite course of action but opens the way for the Power to flow along the uncongested circuits of his thought. No longer hampered by doubts, fears, and worries, man becomes, as Emerson says, the "inlet and the outlet for all that there is in God." The highest faith is whole, continuous, triumphant, and victorious. It admits no contrary evidence, no fear, no opp­o­sition, no sep­aration, and no limitation.

Hope says that it could happen or it might happen. Faith says that it will happen. It is the moving force in all creative processes. It is the agent of healing, of prayer, and of dem­onstration. It is the power to accomplish all things through Christ. All things are yours; and ye are Christ's; and Christ is God's. The man of faith exper­iences Wholeness. Thy faith hath made thee whole, said Jesus to the woman who touched His garment in search of healing, to the blind beggar, Bartimaeus, and to the leper who returned to give glory to God.

Faith is an Individual Power.—Why did Jesus pinpoint thy faith? Why not the faith of someone better trained or better equipped spiritually than you recognize yourself to be? He was showing us that the whole process takes place within the individual conscious­ness, within my consciousness if I am seek­ing the rewards of faith, within yours if you wish to experience Wholeness.

If you are searching for reasons to believe, or if your faith in the unseen needs strengthening (and whose doesn't?), then you will find this rare masterwork invaluable to you. 

This is not a book about religion per se. You will find no man-made doctrines or dogmas expounded here. It is a book the purpose of which is to help you build your faith on a solid, scientific foundation. As such it should appeal to members of all faiths.

If you have already read "God Works Through You" you will not want to be without this companion volume.

"God Works Through Faith" was originally self-published by the author in 1957, the same year that he published "God Works Through You", and like the companion volume has been out of print for many years. Original copies of this gem are virtually impossible to find now.

This book has become a treasured possession of those who have been fortuntate enough to find a copy. It is one that you will want to read over many times, as you are sure to gain new insights from every reading.

Like its companion volume "God Works Through You", "God Works Through Faith" is one of the finest New Thought books published over the past fifty years, and should be in every Truth student's library. Don't miss it! Click here now to order.


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